Course Descriptions


Data Analysis With Spreadsheets


This course focuses on analyzing business situations using current spreadsheet software. Using data derived from real-world business situations, students learn to use appropriate spreadsheet software features to organize analyze and present data, as well as to make business decisions.


Project Management


This course enhances students’ ability to function in a project

leadership role. While exploring the project life cycle, they gain experience in budget and timeline management. Project

management software is used to design project schedules using

methods such as bar charts, program evaluation review

technique (PERT ) and critical path method (CPM) to produce

project plans to apply to the solution of case studies


Human Resource Management


Students in this course explore contemporary concepts and

techniques essential to managing corporate human resources.

Topics include resource planning, staffing and rewards, as well as developing and maintaining positions and people.



In this course students apply principles and strategies for

marketing products and services to industrial, commercial

and governmental entities. Topics include ways in which market information and product life cycle affect product and productiondesign; forecasting techniques; interdependencies between marketing and operations functions; and selling skills.


Introduction to Health Services Management


This course provides an overview of unique characteristics of

U.S. healthcare systems, and surveys the major components

and their interrelationships. Topics include internal and external

influences on delivery of services, healthcare professions.


Training and Development


This course examines training and organizational development

techniques used by corporations to improve individual and

corporate effectiveness. Topics include needs analysis, implementation planning and outcomes assessment for individuals and organizations.





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